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Posthayleyw on Thu May 19, 2016 2:18 pm

I am broken, and dying. And all I can do is look people in the eye, put a smile on and let the words "I'm Fine" slip out of my mouth. BUt all I wanna do is scream and cry and just...my heart is broken. I am broken and there is nothing I can do. There is nothing anyone can do. I get to suffer I get to hate myself.

I hate you so fucking much, but I love you, which now that makes me hate myself. thanks.

I get to tear myself fucking apart, only to be the only one to pick up the super glue and fix myself.

I don't get to be okay, I don't get to pretend I'm fine...but you sure as hell do. You get to talk about kids, and how much you fucking love her..

i gave you fucking everything I had. I gave you everything. Even when she cheated on you for a whole 6 months, got herself pregnant, and then she ran off with the guy! Leaving you heart broken and angry. And who the fuck was there to take care of your stupid heart? Me! I fucking was. I helped you glue your heart together again. I put extra tape around it to keep it together longer.

I was in love with you. I loved you..

But you left, you cheated, and you are gone.

Lord N
Lord N
Head Administrator
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Location : San Venganza

PostLord N on Thu May 19, 2016 2:28 pm

Yes a person might cheat but at the same time giving one more chance is not bad either. I would suggest for you to recontact whoever this person is and let them know that "Hey, I'll be willing to give one more chance, however you have to regain some of my trust, and if you do it again then its over for good."
Advice from,
Basic Member

Posts : 24
Location : MT

Posthayleyw on Thu May 19, 2016 2:30 pm

@Legionheart this is 3 times now...
Ganta Igarashi
Ganta Igarashi
General Administrator

Posts : 11

PostGanta Igarashi on Thu May 19, 2016 2:55 pm

Hayley, I stopped anything that could have happened yesterday for god sakes! i said it almost happened again but i caught myself before it fucking could! but if you hate me fine. ill do you the favor and take myself out of the fucking equation for you. im done. we are done. you will never hear from me again. you will see me online but i wont say anything to you. im done feeling like i fucked up. i know the first time i did. but yesterday. i put an end to that shit and im still held accountable. i showed you the fucking screenshots. but what ever im still wrong. In your eyes i still did it. but i guess thats how its always been. so whatever. goodbye.
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PostReaper on Thu May 19, 2016 3:04 pm

Guys and Gals pls chill as i get both sides, ive seen this many times, hayley you will have to have a word with you sister and establish bondreis with her about him as lil did the right thing by you if he truely did refuse her advances and lil if this happens again bring it to her right away and be honest about it, i cant fix this myself you two need to work it out yourself all i can do is give advice from my past experinces and say if you truely love each other try and work it out, hayley hes admiting what happened so hes tryign to do right by you but as bas as you feel is how your making him feel and thats not right and lil u need to not get involved until you guys make up and try never ever to let this happen again so pls try to work this out and dont let this ruin it and if hes talking shjit to you its only out of hurt same as you did to him so pls try to work this out and get over it if not he will walk away and you need to as well

And this is from an outsider looking in i have no reason to lie to you so pls trustme here and try to work this out. or move on cause this is the breaking point where you have to decide what you really want with this relationship, if you need to talk pls ccontact me directly and ill be hereto help you out
Basic Member

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PostReaper on Thu May 19, 2016 3:07 pm

now this will be locked and contact me directly if need be
Topic Locked
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